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Smart Grounding System Monitor

Smart Grounding System Monitor


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Smart GSM


  • REPSUN Smart GSM for continuous grounding resistance test in real time based on IoT technology, as well as other parameters such as lightning intensity, lightning counter, leakage current, grounding wire connectivity, along with environmental temperature and humidity.
  • Smart GSM is capable of storing all monitored data on both local and cloud servers, and the information is displayed in real time on an LCD screen and a web platform.
  • Smart GSM is designed to trigger an immediate alarm for any anomalies in the grounding resistance, and allow customers to set user alarm thresholds. With a storage capacity of up to 2000 data records, it facilitates long-term data tracking and analysis.
  • By assessing changes in grounding resistance, Smart GSM can identify fluctuations in the grounding system and send out alarm signal in the case of disconnection of grounding wire, deterioration of grounding conditions, aging of grounding facilities, or equipment theft, which ensures the stability and safety of the grounding system.


  • Power cabinet DIN rail mounting and outdoor standing pole installation optional, labor and materials saving.
  • Online testing with electrical power and no need wiring, and it is convenient for a return visit due to history records and threshold alarm function.
  • With multiple communication modes, it ensures that data can be efficiently transmitted to the cloud directly.
  • Provide effective information for data analysis and fault diagnosis by monitoring lightning intensity and lightning strikes for the grounding wire.


Smart GSM Application & Installation


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