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Frequently Asked Questions

6:Smart GSM36 Indoor installation and testing

REPSUN offer user name and passwords to login REPSUN smart online monitoring website like below:


Valid code should be all lowercase.


1.How to insert the SIM card in the Smart GSM host?


First of all, we can see the diagram next to the SIM card port, according to the diagram prompt: put the correct direction of the card, and then insert in.


2.How to take out the SIM card from the Smart GSM host?


First, we need to find a little pointed things(for example, return needle / nib, etc.), and then use it to press the SIM card, and it will automatically pop up.


3.How to connect the resistor to the Smart G M host for resistance value test?


Find suitable resistors prior to testing, note that the resistance value range of our product is (0.01-500 Ω).Also ensure that the PC and E ends are well connected.


Why we need to test it with a resistor is designed to verify the accuracy of our products.



4.How many models of smart GSM have?

Three types:

REP-GSM16 is loop method;

REP-GSM26 is leakage current;

REP-GSM36 is 3 point test.



5.How to modify the model on Smart GSM host to "GSM36 001"?

①.Please kindly change it to "Type: GSM36 001" then press the MENU button and UP button to change it

②.Then 001,also need press the MENU button to save it

③."Thr " also need to press the MENU button

④."Vol Thr" also need to press the MENU button

⑤.Finally press the "ESC"button if you finish above step,need to restart the Smart GSM then check again the "Type:GSM36 001" is okay.



6.How to test the resistance value of the smart GSM?

Smart GSM Testing:Before Smart GSM testing need to make sure the Grounding Resistance Monitor Status is ON.

We can follow this step to check it:

①.Press 1 time MENU Button,and find the “Sys. Set.(System setup)”then press again the MENU Button.
②.When you enter into the “Sys. Set.(System setup)”,you need to find the 
"Res.Module(Grounding resistance module)" press again the MENU Button.
③.When you enter into the "Res.Module(Grounding resistance module)",you need to find "Res.Monitor(Grounding resistance Monitor)"
④.Check the "Res.Monitor(Grounding resistance Monitor)" is on.


Make sure the "Res.Monitor(Grounding resistance Monitor)" is on,then we can start to test the Smart GSM.

WAY 1: Website to click the "Test" then waiting the data coming.

WAY 2: Also can press 4 times the DOWN button,then 1 time for the MENU button.(Requires continuous and consistent pressing.)


7.How to modify the information on the web page version?

Need to modify:F.M.Mon.(Remote signal monitoring)

①.Press the "MENU" button find the Sys. Set.(System setup)then press again the "MENU" button enter into new page.

②.Find the "F.M.Mon.(Remote signal monitoring)then press the  "MENU" button enter into new page.

③.Press again the "MENU" button and press "UP" button to change the "ON" to "OFF"

④.Press the "MENU" button to save the setting.



5:Repsun name ruling

Repsun Name Ruling


4:REPSUN ESE Air Terminal VS Traditional Air Terminal

REPSUN ESE air terminal VS traditional air terminal

1.1: The technology of REPSUN lightning rod:

The latest technology based on early streamer emission.

1.2: The technology of conventional lightning rod:

Around 260 years’ old design based on Franklin technology;


2.1: Work principle of REPSUN lightning rod



A. The ionization device is charged via the lower electrodes using the ambient electrical filed (several million volts/meter when storms are prevalent). This means REPSUN ESE lightning rod system is a fully autonomous system requiring no external power supply.

B. The ionization phenomenon is controlled by a device which detects the appearance of a downward leader, the local electrical field increases rapidly when a discharge is imminent. REPSUN ESE lightning rod detects charges in the field, making it the first E.S.E. air terminal to react at the precise moment when the downward leader develops from the cloud to the ground.

C. Early triggering of the upward leader using a system of spark ionization between the upper electrodes and the central tip. REPSUN ESE lightning rod’s ability is to trigger an upward leader ahead of any other protruding point In the protected area ensures it will be the preferential point of impact for the lightning discharge.


2.2 Work principle of conventional rod.

Depends on naturally occuring corona and hence the huge current flows through the rods and the down conductors which results in side flashes and earth potential rise (i.e. the rod will always wait for lightning flash to fall on the tip of rod). In case the factories naturally produce charges like cheminals and metals which may attract the lightning current on its metal parts.  At this time, the metal part which is emitting charges becomes more active than the lightning rod which is inactive & lightning current will hit on the metal part rather than hitting the lightning rod.


3. Protection radius of REPSUN ESE lightning rod VS conventional lightning rod



EPSUN ESE lightning rod: wider protection radius according to the standard NFC17-102:2011

Conventional lightning rod: Limit protection radius


3: What is the smart SPD?

What is smart SPD?

An SPD providing monitoring of its environment and communication capability(either locally or remotely) to provdie status of the SPD as well as lifetime expectancy and possibly other functions such as surge intensity, surge counter, surge time, leakage current, grounding resistance, grounding wire connectivity, temperature and humidity, etc.

Smart implies two things: interaction with other devices based on faraway communication(internet of things), and when possible a tape of analysis (to inform a user that is SPD has failed in nice, but why it has failed is smarter).

Smart SPDs usually includes three functions: surge protection, monitoring and communication.

Monitoring function of SPD operation status & parameters detecting; can match with communication interface & data remote transmission.

2: Difference between carbon gap and spark gap
Carbon gap:                                                                                                                                                        
1. No B +C combination technology
2. High residual voltage, slow response time;
3. No fault indication;
4. Big size;
Spark gap :   
1. High discharge capacity, small leakage current, good thermal stability ;                         
2. With B+C combinaition technology;
3. Clear window fault indication and dry contact;
4. Low residual voltage value;
5. Small size, the width of 72 mm for three phase, 36mm for single phase;
1: Why power SPD requires Fuse or Circuit breaker at the upstream of main supply?

Due to the fact that most of our SPDs have plastic housing and parts, in the event of a SPD short-circuited or overloaded, large amount of heat will be dissipated, the plastic housing or parts might become distorted, this might prevent the releasing mechanism to operate as SPD original design, and fail to disconnect from the main power. Therefore for double safety reason, additionally at the power SPD upstream we also installed a fuse or circuit breaker.

But REPSUN SPD doesn’t require Fuse or CB as there is a back-up fuse in REPSUN SPD already for double safety.