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REPSUN ESE Air Terminal acquires new Certificate

  • Source:REPSUN
  • Date:05/09/2022

REPSUN Emission Air Terminal (ESE) successfully passed all testing terms from Beijing Lightning lab. Other than the traditional lightning rod, REPSUN ESE catches emission earlier while improve responding time much faster, like a pointy rapier preparing to parry all incoming thunder strikes 24/7.



The features of ESE Air terminal:

App remote control;

Equipped with a smart tester;

CNAS laboratory test report;

10 years warranty;


ESE rod test video by Beijing Lightning Lab:      REPSUN E.S.E VS traditional lightning rod; Section(1/4)    REPSUN E.S.E VS traditional lightning rod; Section(2/4)     REPSUN E.S.E VS traditional lightning rod; Section(3/4)     REPSUN E.S.E VS traditional lightning rod; Section(4/4)