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A New TUV Certification is Attained

  • Source:REPSUN
  • Date:11/18/2020

We are glad to share with you good news.  


The combination T1+T2 SPD, minimum size, has recently got TUV mark. That is our MSG25 series.


We have gone through the complete and strict procedures of sending samples, lab testing, factory auditing and finally REPSUN MSG25 has got the international TUV mark with IEC61643-11:2011/EN61643-11:2012 issued by TUV SUD.


TUV Website:

Certificate No.:

TUV Mark: B 101836 0007 (MSG25 Series)


The features of MSG25 sereis:

Small combination T1+T2 SPD surge protector, half dimension of the regular;

Non exhausting encapsulated spark gap technology;

High follow current extinction and limitation due to no follow current;

Reliable supervision due to new LTR energy control technology;

With remote signaling contact optional and mechanical failure indicator.