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Congratulations to Repsun Lightning Protection Co. for its accomplishments in the Beijing Wind Energy Exhibition!

  • Source:Repsun
  • Date:10/23/2020


Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition ended successfully at the China International Exhibition Center on October 16, 2020. Repsun Lightning Protection Co., Ltd. demonstrated the company's three major product series.
The main products are surge protectors used in wind power industry;smart SPD and smart GSM of the smart product line and conventional surge protectors including the smallest size units.  In this exhibition, our company consolidated the relationship with the existing partners and established a large number of potential customers.



Repsun Lightning Protection has insight into the current domestic and overseas wind power industry, independently researches and develops the industry's first integrated intelligent monitoring system, smart SPD, smart GSM, smart LWS etc.24-hour real-time remote monitoring with mobile APP or computer platform. Automatic storage of the lightning and surge data in the cloud and historical data can be traced. The smart product line has received strong interest and extensive attention from exhibitors and has become the focus of the exhibition.


Repsun Lightning Protection Co. will always adhere to the corporate philosophy of "Technology creating dreams, and safety achieving the future" and keep the most trusted domestic brand in lightning and surge protection industry.