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REPSUN participated in the 2020 Guangzhou International Emergency Safety Expo!!

  • Source:REPSUN
  • Date:09/01/2020



2020 Guangzhou International Emergency Safety Expo took place as scheduled in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center on August 25, 2020.


It is China's largest emergency safety exhibition and China's second largest professional exhibition of fire protection. Repsun attached great importance to it. This Expo is also the first exhibition in year 2020 that Repsun participated after the epidemic broke out.


The economy has been slowly picking up after the epidemic. Major counterparts and purchasers have also arrived at the exhibition. We felt the great enthusiasm and professionalism of the audiences and we exchanged ideas and information during the show.


Repsun has presented as always the most completed and updated emergency safety lightning protection products for our customers which won a lot of compliments from them.


We sincerely extend our gratitude to our customers and visitors.


Looking forward to seeing you in the coming 2021 Expo.