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ESE Tester Working Principle

  • Source:REPSUN
  • Date:03/16/2024

Composition of tester

Based on SCM control, the tester is connected between the tested ESE lightning rod and the collection client (iPad tablet-client APP). It can test the front-end devices of lightning protection system according to the instructions of the client, and the test results can be transmitted to the client.

The Test Module uses PIC16F883 SCM as the test signal sending and receiving chip, and STC15W204S SCM as the Bluetooth communication, status indication and button control chip. The BLE4.0-based Bluetooth module can be used as the transmission medium for communication between the Test side and the iPad (client APP) , bypassing the authentication issue and making it easier for cross-platform applications such as Android, Windows Mobile. According to the principle of ESE early discharge, the device injects UA current into ESE charge collecting terminal and ESE discharge terminal respectively, and the current flows through charge collecting circuit and discharge circuit. The test results of ESE are obtained by collecting the circuit integrity and function data of charge collecting device and discharge device.

Application Description

The tester is powered by USB interface. The test of ESE lightning rod can be completed independently. And also the test operation control by APP is optional. The test results are pushed to the iPad collection client by the Bluetooth tester.

Operation steps

  • Press“POWER”, the status indicators lights are on circularly), equipment self-check. Then the indicator“P”is constant on. 
  • Test probe A is connected to the ESE air terminal lightning rod base. Test probe B is connected the side tested needle of ESE air terminal lightning rod (using clamp connection).  
  • Press"Test" once to begin the TEST. Note the sound of the instrument. A long sound indicates that the TEST is completed and the tested needle is qualified. When the upper side needle is tested, the status indicator light stays on"U", and when the lower side needle is tested, the status indicator light stays on"D". Continuous short sounds, the test needle failed, the status indicator light stays on the"F".
  • Test remaining side needles in sequence until complete.
Operating environment
Hardware: REPSUN Early streamer emission air terminal lightning rod.
Circuit version number:LX-PCB-201405001.
Software: Based on STC C assembly.