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REPSUN SPDs get a new international TUV mark certification

  • Source:REPSUN
  • Date:05/04/2020
REPSUN is glad to announce that its small combination T1+T2 SPD has recently got TUV mark. 
At the end of February ,we sending samples, testing, factory auditing and other strick procedures, through constant effort and validation ,
REPSUN SPDs MS25 have international TUV mark with EN61643-11:2012 now,issued by TUV SUD.
TUV Website:
Certificate No.:
TUV Mark: B 101836 0005 (MS25 Series)
It features in:
Small combination T1+T2 SPD surge protector;
Non exhausting encapsulated spark gap technology;
High follow current extinction and limitation due to no follow current;
Reliable supervision due to new LTR energy control technology;
With remote signaling contact optional and mechanical failure indicator.