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REPSUN ESE air terminal VS traditional air terminal

  • Source:REPSUN
  • Date:10/18/2019

REPSUN ESE air terminal VS traditional air terminal

1.1: The technology of REPSUN lightning rod:

The latest technology based on early streamer emission.

1.2: The technology of conventional lightning rod:

Around 260 years’ old design based on Franklin technology;


2.1: Work principle of REPSUN lightning rod

A. The ionization device is charged via the lower electrodes using the ambient electrical filed (several million volts/meter when storms are prevalent). This means REPSUN ESE lightning rod system is a fully autonomous system requiring no external power supply.

B. The ionization phenomenon is controlled by a device which detects the appearance of a downward leader, the local electrical field increases rapidly when a discharge is imminent. REPSUN ESE lightning rod detects charges in the field, making it the first E.S.E. air terminal to react at the precise moment when the downward leader develops from the cloud to the ground.

C. Early triggering of the upward leader using a system of spark ionization between the upper electrodes and the central tip. REPSUN ESE lightning rod’s ability is to trigger an upward leader ahead of any other protruding point In the protected area ensures it will be the preferential point of impact for the lightning discharge.


2.2 Work principle of conventional rod.

Depends on naturally occuring corona and hence the huge current flows through the rods and the down conductors which results in side flashes and earth potential rise (i.e. the rod will always wait for lightning flash to fall on the tip of rod). In case the factories naturally produce charges like cheminals and metals which may attract the lightning current on its metal parts.  At this time, the metal part which is emitting charges becomes more active than the lightning rod which is inactive & lightning current will hit on the metal part rather than hitting the lightning rod.


3. Protection radius of REPSUN ESE lightning rod VS conventional lightning rod

EPSUN ESE lightning rod: wider protection radius according to the standard NFC17-102:2011

Conventional lightning rod: Limit protection radius